The Graduation Ceremony of the students batch of Riyadh Colleges for Dentistry and Pharmacy was sponsored by Her Royal Highness Princess Fahda bint Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, in the building of the University Hospital of Colleges in Namothajia by King Fahd street, Her Royal Highness came as an honor for this scientific event and part of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques` care to the process of higher education in Saudi Arabia, which witnessed a clear leap in quality and quantity, and in the framework of His follow-up and support of scientific and academic institutions and research centers in the Kingdom.
Knowing that the total number of graduates in this term is (171) male and female graduates; the number of Dental and Oral Surgery and Dentistry graduates is (139) male and female doctors whereas the number of graduates of Pharmacy (20) male and female pharmacist and the number of graduates of Oral and Dental Hygiene is (7) specialists in addition to (5) graduates of Medical Laboratory.
Statements of Faculty Members:
Dr. Ahlam said: “It was a ceremony impressively organized and coordinated ,it has been an exciting experience”. Ms. Hanaa Gamal Shahrani said: “I’ve had the honor to be part of the team of the ceremony organization where I was very happy with that, it was a party for everyone in this great faculty”. Dr. Dalia Abdulazim Sharaf al-Din said: “It is the happiest moment in my life that I reap what I sowed in my students and I have seen them opened up like the spring flowers”.
Dr. Ruwaida said “I have overwhelmed with happiness while I am in this beautiful ceremony which starred in the presence of prominent society figures and those graduates amid an atmosphere full of joy and pride”.
Dr. Lamia Khairy said “I take this opportunity to congratulate sincerly all our daughters the graduates and wish them continued success in their scientific and practical life”.
Dr. Hajar Walid Abdo said ” It is right that I am proud and happy to be one of the Riyadh colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy faculty members”.
Dr. Bint Abdurahman Alasmari said “Thank God that we have come to this long awaited day after six years of effort and struggle which was not only ours, but also the effort of our families and our dear college that helped us and supported us a lot..”.
Dr. Mai Ahmed Al-Faleh said “I can not find words to express my joy but I dedicate my graduation to my father, my mother and my husband and all who stood by my side and supported me..”.
Also Dr.Fahda bint Nabil Al-Qahtani said ” joy fills our hearts after we became dentists and we carried the crown of science over our heads I want to thank all those who contributed in this beginning with the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, who gives special attention to education and provide us with the grant program.
Dr. Fatima bint Hamed Aljwaid said “My happiness is indescribable I thank God for His gratitude, here is the effort of years of study and work then I thank my parents, my brothers and those who supported me”. And Dr. Tasneem Shiblot said “Thank God that gave us this great blessing, honored by the grace of science and graduation and I extend my sincere thanks to His Excellency General Rector of the colleges and my parents and my dear husband for their effort and support to get us to what we are now”.
The General Recto of Riyadh colleges for Dentistry and pharmacy His Excellency Professor Abdullah bin Rakib Alshammari said that Riyadh colleges for Dentistry and pharmacy are intended to provide a distinct generation of graduates for Health Specialties who is able to take responsibility and deal with the nature of the labor market with skill and professionalism by focusing on refining practical skills of these graduates in the stages of their college through various training programs and provide them with the opportunity to attend and participate in international conferences, programs and activities related to community service.


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