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Bachelor of Dental Assisting

A dental assistant education will provide the essential characteristics of a great dental assistant. Dental assistant training is essential for performing quality patient care plus a wide variety of office and dental laboratory duties.
The dental assistant’s most important role is to help patients feel comfortable as he/she strives to reduce their anxiety through all stages of dental procedures.
InRiyadh Elm University, students who would be dental assistants are trained in chairside assisting, four-handed dentistry, radiology, and the use of dental materials. Dental assistant training inRiyadh Elm University includes areas of study such as administrative tasks (managing financial records, completing insurance forms, and scheduling patients), The dental assistant education program includes practical instruction or supervised training in a dental clinic.
Dental assistant education in Riyadh Elm University prepares the students for these tasks and a successful career.
It will also ensure eligibility for national certification, value to an employer and membership in the appropriate associations possible.