Extracurricular Activities


Extracurricular Activities are activities that fall outside the scope of the regular curriculum. It means students are going above and beyond their school requirements.

Extracurricular Activities require a regular time commitment and initiative such as being on a sports teams, forming student newspaper, playing musical instruments, or volunteering.

Objectives and Goals:

  • Explore interests and creates broader perspectives.
  • Make a link between the theoretical and practical parts by participating in different activities.
  • Enhancing the Team-work principles and self-esteem.
  • Encouraging students to participate in different handicraft activities.
  • Encouraging students to take volunteering into the consideration.


  • Social and cultural Supervision Committee.
  • sports Supervision Committee.
  • Students affairs Office.
  • Student Council.
  • “Big Brother” Group
  • “Big sister” Group
  • Team 32


Academic year 2018-2019 / 1st semester.

  • Celebrating the 88th Saudi National Day
  • Big Brothers Workshops
  • Big sisters Workshops
  • Universities Exhibition at Tarbiyah Namouthajiyah Schools.
  • Stem Cells awareness and Donation Campaign.
  • Participating in the competition of the National Committee for Narcotics Control (Nibras)
  • The Video Games Championship / FIFA2019
  • Soccer Champions Legue.
  • Artistic Sensations Exhibition.

Activities News

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