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The Quality Assurance Committee

The Quality Assurance Committee that has been established has membership composed of the heads or representatives from major academic and administrative units in the College. It works with the Quality Center in planning and carrying out the responsibilities for the cycle of identifying, planning, implementing, monitoring and analyzing quality assurance activities and procedures. It has a chairman at the helm with two co-chairmen who take over in the absence of the chairman.
The Quality Assurance Committee works closely with the Quality Assurance Center in leading and supporting the University’ quality assurance activities and in the implementation of quality assurance processes. The members of the committee provide leadership for the quality assurance activities and processes within their own areas and spheres.
  • Prof. Mohammad A. Omari
    Chairman, Quality Assurance Center


  • Prof. H. A. Mosadomi
  • Dr. Hala F. Abdelall
  • Dr. Zaki A. Fakiha
  • Dr. Mohammed R. Rayyan
  • Dr. Tahani M. Al-Rahbeni
  • Dr. Ghousia S. Rahaman
  • Dr. Sultan R. Binalrimal
  • Mr. Muahna S. Al Muhana
  • Ms. Areig Al-Ramadin
    Secretary, Quality Assurance Center

  • Prof. Sami S. Shafik

  • Prof. Ashraf M. Kamel

  • Dr. Gamal M. Kenawy

  • Dr. Hana J. Al-khabbaz

  • Dr. Ammar A. Abu-Mostafa
  • Dr. Mohammad Abdul-Baseer
  • Dr. Deema A. Al Shammery
  • Dr. Reem H. Haddad