The Level 8 pharmacy female students of Batch 16, under the supervision of Dr. Kamilia Tawfik, organized another successful “OTC Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacist Advice” last Monday, April 29,2015 at the ground floor of the South Tower of the Namuthajiyah Campus. This interesting and colorful event, which is now the third of its kind and has now established a tradition in Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy, was attended by all faculty, staff and students in the Namuthajiyah campus of Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry.
The main objective of the “OTC Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacist Advice Fair” is to provide pharmacy students in Level 8 an opportunity to practice the pharmacist’s role as providers of sound and trustable advice about the most common over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals for diet and beauty, detoxification, depression, allergy and the most common interactions between medicinal herbs and food. The students explained to the visitors to their booths the different pharmaceutical products and the best way to administer them in order to achieve the best results. The advice is intended to enable them to choose the best product for his/her particular case or health issue or problem.
The theme and slogan selected for the event was “Go Green” since its other objective is to promote the use of pharmaceuticals that are plant-based or made from herbs, flowers, leaves found in nature.
The students manning the “Diet and Beauty” section – Heba Alqato, Sheren Fataftah, Lara Naser, Marah Rasheed and Shaima Diaa – gave their visitors good advice on how to lose and maintain body weight in a healthy way by using natural remedies; explained the different OTC drugs available for use and how they work; whether or not they are safe to use and the possible side effects they can cause. They also gave beauty tips and home remedies for skin and hair care.
Heba Al-shamy, Esra Aghonem, Haneen Mohsen in the “Depression” section clearly explained to their guests what depression is, what are its causes and symptoms and how to get rid of it through food, exercise and natural OTC products.
Some food, when taken with certain natural OTC medication, may lower or remove the efficacy of the drugs and how they produce the toxicity of those drugs. This was well-discussed by Noura Hatim, Ameerah Alunaizan, Mashael Alsekhan, Maram Alrshiedy and Mashael Aleneze to those who patronized their “Food-Herb Interactions” section.
Lina Jobeir, Nourhan Hajaj, Banan Farhan and Amal Al-Mutari in the “Allergy” section explained the different types of allergy and their symptoms; which natural anti-allergic drugs (alternative medication) to use to treat them; the natural home remedies and the like to relieve allergies and symptoms; and how to protect one’s self from allergies.
At the “Detox Programs” section, Alaa Almuhanna, Al-jawhara Al-Azman, Dalia Al-Khail, Esra’a Al-Shehab and Heba Al-Jawad focused on the various recipes for detoxification that aim to clear the body of toxins, protect it from dangerous free radicals and many diseases, help people to lose weight and maintain optimum health.
The “OTC Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacist Advice” this year once more received great positive feedback from its audience who went home with excellent information about allergies, depression, detoxification programs, home remedies, food-herb interactions, over-the-counter plant-based pharmaceuticals, including their own weight and body-mass-index (BMI) as well as green gifts including potted plants accompanied by quotations like “Green is the color of the world and that from which loveliness arises.”


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