The “4th BOTOX AND FILLER IN DENTISTRY COURSE” was successfully ended last October 13-14, 2021, held in Namuthajiyah Campus, Riyadh Elm University. The 2-days workshop was conducted by Dr. Hessa Alwayli, Course Director. The course was approved by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties for all practitioners with 13 CME accredited hours.

The 2-day activities involved the application of Botox and Filler in head and neck, and the demonstration and hands-on using plastic training heads.  The theoretical part deals with the Botox history, pharmacology, mechanism of action, medical and dental application. It has an emphasis on Botox for TMJ disorders, bruxism, headache, muscles spasm, and common use. And the filler with its indication, contraindication, and injection techniques. Whereas, the hands-on part showcases the injection practice on the mannequins and actual application of Botox and Filler on live patients.

Indeed, the course was remarkable which participants enjoyed the activities and learned more in the Botox and Filler Course. At the end of the workshop, certificates were distributed to participants, speakers, and organizers.


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