The 50th Quality Assurance Symposium which was held on 27 August 2015 in the An Namuthajiyah Campus of Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy (RCsDP) ushered in the new Academic Year of 2015-2016 and the first semester of the new school year. All administrators and faculty, both new and old, were on hand to greet the new season.
Prof. Abdullah R. Al Shammery, Rector, opened the symposium program and welcomed back the existing faculty members and received the new members.
He also congratulated and gave recognition to Prof. Farouk Sakr, the Chairman of the Pharmacy Department, who was recently feted and awarded in Amman, Jordan by the Arab Company for Drug Industries and Medical Appliances (ACDIMA) for winning the 2014 Best Research Award. He gave the chance to Prof. Farouk to briefly discuss his winning research on a treatment for androgenic alopecia.
The RCsDP Rector briefly presented the new developments in the four campuses of the College in terms of expansion and new infrastructure and physical facilities; manpower and recruitment; and in terms of the recognition and rewards given by the College for the good performance of the faculty and the academic achievements of the College in the past year.
Dr. Saleh Al Shamrani, Vice-President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College of Dentistry, also welcomed everyone to the new school year. He expressed his esteem and hope for the new batch of students in RCsDP who mostly belonged to the cream of the crop of their high school senior classes. He then gave some reminders about the basic rules for the faculty to follow regarding class lists and reporting on the same.
Some department chairmen likewise welcomed their members and gave brief reports on their plans for their respective units in the new academic year.


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