The 59th Quality Assurance Symposium will be held this Thursday, 16 February 2016. It will feature a report on the semester just past; a report on the preparations made for the second semester; and the presentation of the reports of the external reviewers from the Education Evaluation Commission of the Sector of Evaluation and Academic Accreditation (EEC-SEAA).
It will be recalled that external review panels from the EEC-SEAA came to visit Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy to scrutinize the Colleges and its Dentistry and Pharmacy programs for their readiness for the renewal of accreditation in May this year. The first panel of evaluators visited RCsDP from 27 November through 01 December 2016 to assess the institution and its quality assurance processes and make commendations, recommendations, and suggestions , as appropriate. Two other teams of reviewers visited RCsDP from December 16 to 22, 2016 to assess the two academic programs of the Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) and the Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences programs.
Dr. Saleh Al Shamrani, Vice President for Academic Affairs will tackle the first part while Prof. Mohammad Al Omari, Chairman of the Quality Assurance Committee, will present the EEC-SEAA reports. Prof. Abdullah Al Shammery, Rector, will be on hand to welcome the assembly and give his own comments and reports.


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