The Multidisciplinary Seminar for postgraduate students in dentistry, which seminar is held every Sunday at the An Namuthajiyah General Activity Hall, continued the entire first semester of the current academic year. From August to October this year, a total of fourteen (14) students from the various masteral specialty programs presented their topics.
Dr. Fahad Al Shammery and Dr. Hassan Mohammed Al Shehri, both from Orthodontics, had the following papers, “Orthodontic Preparation for Veneer Treatment” and “Lower Incisors with Different Clinical situations and Treatment Options”, respectively. Dr. Jamal Al Sanea was their supervisor.
From Pedodontics, Dr. Hanna Raslan Bangar; Dr. Khalid Jamal Alenazi; Dr. HanaaSaleh Al Busaily; Dr. Kholoud Al Nemer and Dr. Wasmiya Ali Al Hayyan, respectively presented papers with the following titles: “Multidisciplinary Involvement in Dental Management of Patients with Congenital Syndromes – A case of patient Williams Syndrome”; “The Effect of Restorative Procedures in the Developing Occlusion in Children”; “Management of the Patient with Hypodontia – Pediatric Dentist as a Facilitator of Multidisciplinary Management”; “Early Diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea – The Role of the Dentist in a Multidisciplinary Team”; “Pre-Surgical Management of Cleft Lip and Palate Patient: Naseoalveolar Molding”. Dr. Sharat Pani supervised all these papers.
From Periodontics, Dr. Esrra Ali Al Holaily’s paper on “Effects of Smoking on the Oral Cavity” and Dr. Moath Mexher Al Qarni’s on “Interdisciplinary Approach for Functional and Esthetic Crown Lengthening” were supervised by Prof. Sanaa Shafshak and Prof. Sami Shafik, respectively.
From OMFS, Dr. Mohammed Al Almai, supervised by Dr. May Alkhodairy discussed “TMJ Arthrocentesis” while Dr. Saleh Mana Al Rayshan, supervised by Prof. Ibrahim El Hakim, did “Pregnancy in Dentistry: Physiological Changes, Oral Changes, Teratogenesis and Management Guidelines”.
From Endodontics, Dr. Mohammed Al Shehri discussed “Infection Control in Dental Setting” while Dr. Abdulkaream Al Ahmad did “Multidisciplinary Approach of external cervical root Resorption in Permanent Teeth – Endodontic Point of View”. Both were under the supervision of Dr. Hassan Selim.
Dr. Abdulaziz Abdullah Al Jarallah, from Prosthodontics, presented “The Prosthetic Management of Gingival Aesthetic” under the supervision of Prof. Mohiddin Dimashkie.
Dr. Mohammed Alazmiy, Dr. Haifa Al Banna, Dr. Marwa Al Kaed, Dr. Abdullah Saad Al Abdullah, Dr. Sultan Saleh Al Shamrani, Dr. Reham Saad Al Salja and Dr. Moath Mexher Al Qarni served as moderators for the various sessions of the seminar during the semester.


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