A multitude of interesting papers made up the presentations given at the Multidisciplinary Seminar for the first semester of the current academic year.
“Burning Mouth Syndrome” was presented by Dr. Fahad Mohammad Al Shammari. The paper was under the supervision of Prof. Ibrahim El Haki and Dr. Emtenan Al Majed.
Two papers on Prosthodontics supervised by Prof. Mohiddin Dimashkie, “Decision Making to save or extract a compromised tooth” and “Ferule effect and Management of Severely Broken Down Endodontically Treated Teeth” were presented by Dr. Waleed Fayez Al Shehri and Dr. Mohammed Ali Al Khurays, respectively.
“Biological Implant Complications” was presented by Dr. Jawaher Al Ghamdi and “Tissue Engineering in Periodontal Regeneration” by Dr. Abdulkarim Al Shehri. Both were supervised by Prof. Sami Shafik.
“Excessive Vertical Facial Proportions” was discussed by Dr. Rehab Al Ibrahim and “Unconventional Uses of Orthodontic Mini Dental Implant” by Dr. Nancy Mohammed Ajwa. Dr. Jamal Al Sanea supervised the two papers.
“Nano Hydroxyapatite from a Multidisciplinary Perspective” was presented by Dr. Alsharifadalia Al Harith. Prof. Mohammad Al Omari supervised.
“Multidisciplinary Seminar : Evidence Based Dentistry”, supervised by Prof. Hezekiah Mosadomi and Prof. Mohamad Al Omari, was discussed by Dr. Nuha Al Wagdani.
“Halitosis: A Mirror of systemic and Oral Health” was presented by Dr. Aseel Fareed Al Faisal. “Minimally Invasive Concept in Dentistry” was presented by Dr. Yasser Al Qahtani; while “Adverse Reactions of Hydrogen Peroxide on Teeth Bleaching” was presented by Dr. Seraj Al Shomarani. Prof. Roula Al Bounni supervised all three.
“Endodontics or Implants? Your alternative Treatments” presented by Dr. Abdulrahman Al Dhbaan was supervised by Dr. Hassan Selim.
“Multi Approach Management of Congenially Missing Maxillary Lateral Incisors” presented by Dr. Nuha Al Jabbr was supervised by Dr. Zaki Fakiha.
Finally, Dr. Abdullah Al Shareef presented “Glass Ionomer Cements in Based Practice – Can we think beyond Dentistry?”. He was supervised by Dr. Sharat Pani.
Dr. Hosain Al Mansour, Dr. Khalid Mohammed Al Qahtani, Dr. Suliman Al Nujaidi, Dr. Basais Al Ajmi, Dr. Abdullah Nasser Al Shahrani, Dr. Munther Abu Mismar, Dr. Sultan Sahman Al Qahtani and Dr. Mohammad Riad Siblinitook turns as moderator for the different sessions of the Seminar.


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