About Us

As an institution of higher education, Riyadh Elm University (REU) is the first private health institution in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was officially licensed in February 2004 by the Ministry of Education to offer bachelors in specialties of Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Dental Hygiene followed by the introduction of Clinical Laboratory Science, Hygiene, Dental Assisting, Dental Laboratory Technology, and Nursing.

REU is open to all applicants who meet the admission requirements regardless of nationality, age, and gender. Instructional sessions are separately held for males and females on respective campuses. The University is not just an institution of courses, classrooms, laboratories, library facilities, and offices. It comprises people who aspire to make significant contributions to the health of the community, the country, and the world. The students may expect to find a friendly academic and administrative staff committed to the noble goal of making available the best quality education that the College could offer in dentistry, pharmacy, medical laboratory technology, and other allied health sciences.

In 2008 REU officially got approval and accreditation from the Ministry of Higher Education and the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties to start the Postgraduate Dental Studies for the Master of Science Degree in Dentistry and the Competency Certificate Dental Specialties. In 2008, the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties granted accreditation and approval for the REU to operate as the training center for the Saudi Board programs in different specialties.

Leadership and Administration

Prof. Abdullah Al Shammery
Prof. Abdullah Al ShammeryChairman, Board of Trustees
Dr. Saleh Al Shamrani
Dr. Saleh Al Shamrani President, Riyadh Elm University
Dr. Mansour K. Assery
Dr. Mansour K. AsseryVice President, Riyadh Elm University
Dr. Mohammad A. Al Rafae
Dr. Mohammad A. Al RafaeDean of College of Dentistry
Dr. Omar Alkadhi
Dr. Omar AlkadhiDean, Postgraduate
Dr. Tahani Mohammad Al Rahbeni
Dr. Tahani Mohammad Al RahbeniDean, College of Nursing
Dr. May AIKhudyrie
Dr. May AIKhudyrie Dean, College of Medical Applied Sciences
Dr. Hana Jafar AlKhabaz
Dr. Hana Jafar AlKhabazDean, College of Pharmacy
Dr. Deema Ali AlShammery
Dr. Deema Ali AlShammeryDirector, Research Center and Vice Dean of the College of Dentistry
Dr. Ammar Abu Mustafa
Dr. Ammar Abu MustafaDirector, Quality Assurance and Accreditation Center
Dr. Abdulaziz A. Al Shammery
Dr. Abdulaziz A. Al Shammery Director, King Salman Center For Children Health
Dr. Sultan R. Al Shammery
Dr. Sultan R. Al ShammeryDean of Student Affairs
Dr. Sara Ali Mubariki
Dr. Sara Ali MubarikiDean of Admission and Registration