Vision, Mission and Goals


To become a preeminent educational institution locally, regionally, and internationally.


Effective education and training with active contribution to scientific research and community service.


The University aims to:

  1. Graduate competent professionals to meet the needs of the labor market.
  2. Engage in community service.
  3. Conduct scientific research.
  4. Provide competitive postgraduate programs.
  5. Provide health care and promote health awareness to the public.
  6. Encourage lifelong learning through accredited continuous education programs.

Graduate Attributes:

  1. Knowledgeable and life-long learner
  2. Reflective and problem solver
  3. Research-oriented
  4. Skilled communicator
  5. Digitally skillful
  6. Ethical and professional
  7. Leadership and teamwork
  8. Accountable toward community
Knowledge and Understanding K.1 Demonstrate expertise and proficiency in an academic or professional discipline and engage in the process of academic discovery. (attribute 1)

S.1 Demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving skills. (attribute 2)

S.2 Utilize research and Integrate skills from core competencies to serve the needs of local and global communities. (attribute 3 & 8)


V.1 Apply effective communication, information, and digital literacy skills. (attribute 4 & 5)

V.2 Demonstrate professional ethics and act with integrity. (attribute 6)

V.3 Display leadership and interdisciplinary teamwork skills. (attribute 7)