Responsibilities of the student towards the academic advisor

  • Your advisor will assist you in identifying educational, career, and personal goals.
  • Your advisor should provide guidance and assistance to you.
  • Students can express freely any concerns or problems to the advisor and seeking advice for any help needed.
  • Your advisor will encourage you to take an active role in your academic program and will counsel you on regulations, programs and graduation requirements.
  • Your advisor can advise you with some techniques and strategies to help you explore academically, on a career, personal, social and professional level.
  • Your advisor will serve as a primary communication source to you by providing current information about academic policies, procedures, regulations and programs during pre-registration and registration.
  • Your advisor will have knowledge of college referral sources and services which may assist you in your educational, career, and/or personal development.
  • Your advisor will confront you openly and honestly on issues of integrity, academic honesty, behaviors, rights and responsibilities.
  • Your advisor will actively listen to you and make every effort to facilitate your needs.