About the College of Dentistry 


Graduate competent dental health care professionals with an aspiration for conducting applied research and serving the community.

Program Mission:

Effective dental education and training with an active contribution to scientific oral health research and meeting society’s oral health needs.

Program Goals:

  1. Graduate dentists competent to meet the oral health care needs of the population.
  2. Engage students in community service.
  3. Provide oral health and promote health awareness to the public.
  4. Conduct scientific oral health research.
  5. Utilize the values of professional ethics, lifelong learning, accountability, and teamwork in professional practice.

Program Learning Outcomes:

Knowledge and Understanding
K1 Identify the principles of oral health, its disease development, prevention, and treatment.
K2 Demonstrate basic research skills in the field of oral science.
K3 Advocate health promotions and disease prevention to serve the community.
K4 Integrate basic, biomedical, and behavioral sciences in the practice of oral care.
S1 Develop decision-making and problem-solving skills in health care.
S2 Evaluate the patient’s oral and medical status and request the needed diagnostic investigations.
S3 Analyze and interpret the findings of various investigations to reach an appropriate diagnosis.
S4 Construct a plan of care for both the prevention and treatment of diseases considering the patient’s needs.
S5 Judge and integrate scientific research outcomes with clinical expertise and patient values towards evidence-based practice.
S6 Demonstrate competence in performing procedures in all aspects of general dentistry.
S7 Perform procedures safely and prevent iatrogenic injuries.
S8 Use health informatics in oral care effectively.
S9 Communicate effectively both orally and in writing with patients, their families, colleagues, and other health professionals.
V1 Demonstrate the capacity for self, peer – assessment, accountability, and lifelong learning.
V2 Apply appropriate professional, ethical and legal standards in providing patient-centered care following health care rules and regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
V3 Participate constructively in a team and demonstrate a practice of leadership when appropriate.

Program Graduate Attributes:

  1. Possessor of good manual dexterity.
  2. Able to communicate effectively with patients and colleagues.
  3. Life – long learner.
  4. Compassionate and honest.
  5. Clinical problem solver.
  6. Knowledgeable in the subject and new technologies.
  7. Passionate to educate patients and get them involved in the treatment plan.


Dr. Mohammad Al RafeeDean, College of Dentistry

Ext. 1212

Dr. Deema Al ShammeryVice Dean, College of Dentistry

Ext. 1331

Ms. Alhanoof AlgramdiSecretary to the Vice-Dean of Dentistry

Ext. 1332