Administration and Committees

Dr. Mohammad Al-Rafee
Dean, College of Dentistry
ext. 1212
Dr. Deema Al-Shammery
Vice Dean, College of Dentistry
ext. 1331
Prof. Mohammad Al Omari
Chairman, Restorative Dept.
ext. 1431

Chairman, Preventive Dept.
ext. 1432
Dr. Mohammad Rayyan
Chairman, Prosthodontics Dept.
ext. 1417

Chairman, Oral Surgery Dept.
Dr. Abdulrahman Saffan
Clinical Director, An Namuthajiyah Campus
ext. 1257
Dr. Omar Alkadhi
Dean, Postgraduate

Clinical Director, Muneseya Campus
A Students Discipline Committee at REU.
A Comprehensive Clinical Dental Committee.
Committee of university plans and programs.
Comprehensive Clinical Dentistry Committee. Follow-up of comprehensive clinical courses.
Quality Assurance Committee, Faculty of Dentistry College.
  • Follow up the sub-committees in the academic departments and assist them in carrying out their responsibilities.
  • Spreading the Idea of quality and academic accreditation in the college.
  • Effective communication with quality, evaluation and academic accreditation.
  • Follow-up with the training skills and development projects that contribute to the application of internal quality mechanisms.
  • Follow up the executive plans of the Quality Assurance Committee at the College and support them in all aspects.
  • Discuss the monthly report submitted by the Quality Assurance Committee on its work stages.
  • Review the plans of the department and administrative units and find solutions to the problems and obstacles face.
College Board of Dentistry in Riyadh Elm University.