Administration and Committees

Dr. Mohammad Al-Rafee
Dean, College of Dentistry
Dr. Deema Al-Shammery
Vice Dean, College of Dentistry
Dr. Osamah M. Al Mugeiren
Chairman, Preventive Dentistry Department
Dr. Waseem W. Radwan
Chairman, Restorative Department
Dr. Mohammad R. Rayyan
Chairman, Prosthodontics Department
Dr. Ra’ed G Salma
Chairman, Oral Maxillofacial Surgery & Diagnostic Sciences Department
Dr. Abdulrahman A. Al Saffan
Hospital Director, An Namuthajiyah Campus
Dr. Omar H Al Kadhi
Hospital Director, Olaya Campus
Dr. Ahmed A. Bahmaid
Hospital Director, Muneseya Campus
College Quality Assurance Committee
College Curriculum Committee
Student Advisory Committee
Students’ Counselling Board
Comprehensive Dental Courses Committee
Students Laboratories
Intern’s Program Committee
Alumni Unit