About Continuing Education

Continuing Education is a center of learning excellence using a collaborative approach to develop innovative learning opportunities that are relevant to your needs, and facilitating growth and development of individuals, businesses, and the community.

The Continuing Education (CE) at Riyadh Elm University is highly focused on offering many services to the local community. One of the services offered is the continuing education for non-conventional students. These students are granted a great opportunity to seek training programs that will enhance their career development. The CE also offers specialized training courses to a wide spectrum of professionals in the local community. Courses are available in Dentistry, management, Scientific Research as well as personal development.

CEC Board Advisory Committee

  • Chairman: Dr. Mohammed Al Rafee
  • Members:
  • Dr. Abdulaziz Al Shammery
  • Dr. Sultan Al Shammery
  • Dr. Tahan Al Rahbeni
  • Dr. Fawaz Al Qhatni
  • Dr. Ahmed Khashaba