Higher Diploma in Implant Dentistry


Riyadh Elm University one year (1) Implant Diploma awarded on a successful completion of this course is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education.


This Implant Diploma Program is a one year (1) program leading to a certificate in Implant Dentistry. The program offers the trainee – dentist, a postgraduate dental education in implant surgery and prosthetics. The trainee, on successful completion of the program, should be able to diagnose, treat and manage implant cases as part of comprehensive treatment options.

The training staffs in the program include eminently qualified Oral Surgeons, Prosthodontists, Restorative Dentists, Radiologists, Periodontists, Dental Technology and Implantologists. The availability of these specialists assures the quality of the program.

Design of the Program and its Implementation in four (4) quarters as follows:

  • The curriculum of the program.
  • Location of the courses during the training period.
  • Time Table.
  • Course Outline and Description.

* Follow up and maintain the treatment that has been completed for the patient.