Advanced Endodontic Training


Endodontics can be hard and challenging work. Among these challenges: managing the patient problem, controlling pain before, during or after treatment and the continued fear if your treatment will work and what will happen if the patient comes again a couple of months later complaining of pain from the same tooth?

Sounds and feels difficult, but when you know that there are some structured approaches to deal with these issues to make your life easier and substantiate the chances for your treatment success, then you will relief the stress off your shoulders. Also, in the ever changing advances in endodontic technologies and techniques give greater treatment options and the opportunity to perform with greater precision and confidence. Whether you are a beginner or experienced user of endodontic technologies, you will benefit from learning about the latest developments in the field and the opportunity to see life clinical scenarios.


General Objectives:

  • Recognize some of the recent approaches for managing varieties of endodontic diseases.
  • Increase predictability for Endodontic success based on evidence-based principles.
  • Utilize Rotary Nickel – Titanium files safely & efficiently based on an understanding of Novelmanufacturing bio-mechanical files designs.
  • Understand biological concepts in canal irrigation & develop techniques for clinical implementation.
  • Introduce the concept of Micro-endodontics and show some clinical scenarios on its utilization.
  • Recognize and comprehend clinical strategies for pain management.

Technical Objectives:

  • Identify an endodontic preparation that works, with proper case selection, on virtually every tooth
  • Utilize a preparation technique for preparing root canals that will increase efficiency and predict-ability: The TF-adaptive system
  • Utilize clinical strategies to reduce/eliminate microbes and soft tissues by utilizing endovac irrigation system.

Course Description:

This is a multimedia presentation with extensive hands-on components, to facilitate incorporation of proven predictable techniques into everyday patient care.

The practical objectives are:

  • Get acquainted with the use of TF-adaptive technology
  • Comfortably perform warm obturation by the State of The Art free element system
  • Break the ice by having some initial microscopic experience and exploration

Additional Topics:

Through live demonstrations and hands-on exercises with extracted teeth you will learn how to utilize:

  • M4 hand piece for creating glide path
  • The TF files in its novel adaptive format to achieve minimally invasive root canal preparation
  • Free element obturation system to perform a three dimensional root canal obturation
  • Dental microscopes to perform root canal preparation and obturation with a deeper filed of view

Materials to bring:

Attendees for the hands-on course are required to bring the following:

  • Two or three multi rooted teeth not mounted with straight line access cavities prepared.


Prof. Khalid Balto
Professor and Consultant of Micro-Endodontics
King Abdulaziz University, Faculty of DentistryProf. Khalid Balto received his dental degree KAU; School of dentistry-Saudi Arabia and his certificate of specialty in Endodontics and Doctorate from Harvard University. Dr. Balto is a Professor and Consultant of Micro-endodontics and has lectured extensively on current concepts and theories in practical endodontics as well as in Basic sciences related to endodontics. He also maintains research lab for clinical, Basic and molecular endodontic-systemic health investigations.
Prof. Ragab Eid Saif
Professor and Consultant of Endodontics
King Abdulaziz University, Faculty of DentistryProf. Ragad Saif finished his PhD in Endodontics at Cairo University. He is a Professor and Head of Endodontic Department in King Abdul-Aziz University, Faculty of Dentistry. He’s also the Coordinator of Saudi Board for Endodontics.
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