Students of the Faculty of Pharmacy set up a breast cancer awareness campaign in Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy dubbed “I am Pink, I Can NEVER GIVE UP”. The campaign was an event to mark the International Day for Breast Cancer and to enhance awareness regarding the disease among the female constituents of the College. It was held at the ground floor of South Building, Namouthajiyah campus, King Fahad Road, on October 22, 2015.
This activity was organized by students of the College of Pharmacy, mostly from Level 7 and some from Level 9, under the supervision of Ms. Ghadir Ali Kuffairy.

The campaign was carried out through the following booths:

  • The first booth was the reception where each visitor was provided with a site-map for the location.
  • The second booth featured the definition of the disease, its reasons and what might cause its occurrence and the extent of spread.
  • The third one explained the healthy habits and food in order to prevent the disease.
  • The fourth emphasized on increasing the awareness of practicing sport and exercises as an integral part of our daily lives to prevent the disease.
  • The fifth booth explained the methods of early detection of the disease.
  • The sixth explained the post-infection phase and the method of radiation diagnosis.
  • The seventh booth demonstrated the need for surgical treatment of the disease and removal of the tumor to limit its spread.
  • The eighth discussed the types of chemotherapy and medicines intended for treatment.
  • The ninth explained the psychological treatment phase for the patient after chemotherapy.
  • The last booth was for conducting contests to test the learning gained from visiting the campaign site and for awarding prizes to the winners.

The students are grateful to Zahra Association for providing them with educational and awareness-raising brochures and the campaign slogan.


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