A total of 42 dental practitioners joined this semester’s 3rd Smile, Design and Veneer Course which was held at Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy last 22nd October 2016.

Five highly-respective and expert clinical instructors from different institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have served as speakers amongst 23 male and 19 female dentists to whom they have shared their knowledge and skills in topics like Esthetic Treatment Plan, Smile Design and Make-over, Philosophy of Esthetic Dentistry and Porcelain Veneer.

Hands-on demonstrations and a quiz were also conducted and nine participants got perfect scores signifying their expertise in their field.
The said course aimed in letting the participants to familiarize and be able to practice different veneers preparation and design, give smile analysis and design an esthetic treatment plan, learn different techniques in esthetic temporization, veneer restoration and detailed bonding procedures and cementations techniques.


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