Dr. Ahmed Khashaba, RCsDP faculty in the College of Pharmacy and Allied Medical Sciences of Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy, has just come out with his new book, “Exercise is Medicine”.
Published by Noor Publishing on January 5, 2017, Dr. Khashaba’s 64-page book aims to promote physical activity among Saudis and other nationals who live in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia while noting the lack of the same. It also seeks to “augment the 2030 vision brought to the public by his Excellency the Deputy Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman”, which aims to raise awareness of the importance of having regular exercise, among other things.
Dr. Khashaba is a medical doctor who earned his degree in Medicine from the University of Cairo in Egypt. He has a Master’s degree in Physiology Medicine from the Suez Canal University in Egypt and a Diploma in Sports and Exercise Medicine from the University of Bath in the UK.
The whole of Riyadh Colleges felicitates Dr. Khashaba on this great achievement


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