The discussions at the 53rd Quality Assurance Symposium held last January 21, 2016 at the Theater Hall in the An Namuthajiyah campus centered on e-learning, the Research Day and the preparations for the renewal of NCAAA accreditation of the Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy and its Dentistry and Pharmacy undergraduate programs.
Prof. Abdullah Al Shammery, Rector and Chairman of the Quality Assurance Committee informed the assembly of the plans of the Colleges to renew its institution and program accreditation with the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment which is due to expire in April 2017 and the need to prepare the documents for submission by April 2016. He enlisted the support from all the constituents of the Colleges in this undertaking and for the visit of the external panel of evaluators during the period October to December of this year as he expects the evaluation for re-accreditation to be more than the first time.
Prof. Al Shammery also discussed the advent of e-learning in RCsDP and what have been accomplished to date along this line such as the uploading in the College website of the video on the basics of e-learning and the installation of recording studios in the four campuses in support of the e-learning system. The video is expected to help all the faculty members to launch their own e-learning system for their respective courses. The Rector also announced the e-learning activities that he and selected faculty already introduced into their courses.
After he reported on the recent developments in e-learning which were highlighted at the recent seminar he attended on the subject, Prof. Al Shammery encouraged the faculty to start introducing e-learning in their classes since the plan of the College is to do so although on a gradual basis.
The Rector briefly discussed the Course Evaluation Survey and the Student Evaluation Survey which will now be incorporated into the e-learning system and will enable the course director to immediately see how his/her students rate him/her and the course.
Dean Saleh Al Shamrani informed everyone that the student lists will be finalized by the end of the following week and requested that appropriate actions be made regarding any discrepancies between the list and actual attendance of students in their class. Dean Saleh also requested the faculty to respect the schedules already prepared and sent to them and encouraged them to start and end their lectures on time. He also admonished them not to release the final results to their students.
Dean Jamal Al Sanea reported on the changes introduced in the clinics last semester such as the audit teams broken by level to make monitoring easier and to provide better service to the patients. He informed of the recent move to establish the Audit Office in each campus which will be responsible for all the procedures done in the clinics including catching mishaps and violations, following through any violations and academic advising.
The Rector also discussed the earlier scheduling of the annual Research Day in RCSDP in view of the recent decision of the Ministry of Education to hold research competitions among colleges and universities in the Kingdom in varied categories including poster presentations, innovations, videos, arts, and speech.


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