Consultants from the Education Evaluation Commission- Higher Education Sector (EEC-HES), formerly the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment (NCAAA), came to Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy last November 6 this year for a preparatory visit relative to RCsDP’s application for re-accreditation. Dr. Mohammed Al Madany and Dr. Mounira Al Abdulaziz of the EEC came to Riyadh Colleges to check the readiness of the College and its programs of dentistry and pharmacy and the required documentation for the audit to be done by the external review panels for purposes of the renewal of their accreditation. (RCsDP and the two programs of dentistry and pharmacy were initially granted accreditation by the NCAAA in May 2010 and will expire in  2017.)
The EEC representatives first met with the Rector, Prof. Abdullah Al Shammery, then with the deans and then the Quality Assurance Director and those responsible for the Self-Study. Dr. Al Madany shared EEC’s observations regarding the required documents which were submitted to them. He also gave and discussed lengthily the possible questions the external review panel may ask and the things they might look for when they come for the audit. He specified certain rules and other dos and don’ts to observe during the actual panel review.
The consultants also met with some faculty, students, the directors for quality assurance, admissions, learning outcomes, the self study committee chair and toured the An Namuthajiyah facilities including the clinics, laboratories, classrooms, the library, the meeting rooms.
After a cursory inspection of the documentary evidences for the claims made in the self study reports, they recommended some additions to be made in order to be better ready for the review. They had some specifications for the panel working rooms.
Dr. Al Madany offered to visit again before the actual external audit if there was a perceived need for it.


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