The 59th Quality Assurance Symposium held last February 16, 2017 focused on the reports of the external reviewers from the Education Evaluation Commission – Higher Education Sector (EEC-HES).
The Rector, Prof. Abdullah R. Al Shammery recounted the visits made by the external reviewers and the EEC-HES representatives including the preparations done by the management and staff for the visits. He mentioned that the reports of the panel of external reviewers included a number of commendations. However, he is now more concerned about the recommendations which the Colleges need to respond to and prepare action plans for.
He said that everybody learned much from the visits and discovered some gaps teaching and learning in Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy (RCsDP). He directed everyone to exert more and appropriate efforts to address these gaps.
He encouraged all to enjoy the existing accreditation until April 2017 when it is to expire and expressed his hope for another seven years of full accreditation for RCsDP and its programs of dentistry and pharmacy.
He announced that there will be weekly (every Thursday afternoon) stimulation exercises from an external team in the quality assurance coming to the institution to link all of the activities in some standards (4, 5, 11).
Dean Saleh Al Shamrani made his observations relative to some confusing and unclearly framed questions in the exams during the first semester and some discrepancies in the grades. He reminded the faculty to submit their final course reports to the Quality Assurance Center after the Colleges’ final decision regarding students who have very low or failing grades. For the e-learning, he expects the final listing of the students be completed by the end of the third week of this month.
Prof. Mohammad Al Omari, Director of the Quality Assurance Center and Chairman of the Quality Assurance Committee, first outlined the eleven standards for Quality Assurance and then proceeded to share the External Reviewers’ report on the commendations and the recommendations for each of the Institution, the dentistry program and finally, the pharmacy program. He said that there are now teams now working seriously on preparing the action plans for each recommendation to fulfill the eligibility requirements which would pave the way towards achieving full accreditation.
Dr. Jamal Al Sanea, Dr. Mansour Assery and Dr. Khais Al Obaidy shared their own valuable comments and advice.


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