Gmail is the email service for students at The Riyadh Elm University.

Gmail is hosted by Google, meaning students have all the benefits of using Gmail. Email addresses use the format ([email protected]), and accounts are lifelong with no expiration. Anyone who has ever taken a class at REU since the service was started has a Gmail account, including current faculty and staff. G-Mail is accessed using the same login credentials as REU systems.

Your REU G-Mail account comes with all of the perks of a Gmail account. Along with your Gmail address, your account also includes access to Google Calendars, Google Hangouts, as well as Google Drive and Docs, although we recommend Box unlimited cloud storage for your document storage and sharing needs.

Add REU Gmail to Your Mobile Device

iPhone and iPad

  1. From your Home Screen, tap Settings
  2. Tap Mail
  3. Tap Accounts
  4. Tap Add Account
  5. Tap Google
  6. Enter your REU email address
  7. Tap Next
  8. Enter your REU username and password
  9. Tap Submit
  10. If you have an active REU account, REU will need to verify your device with a notification when adding a gmail account to your device.
  11. Select which items you would like to sync to your phone.
  12. Tap Save

You’re Done!

Android Phones and Tablets

  1. Open Settings on your device
  2. Select Accounts & sync
  3. Select Add Account
  4. Select Google
  5. Sign in with your REU Account and REU password
  6. Tap Next
  7. Select which items you would like to sync to your phone
    • For your email, select Gmail
    • For your address book, select Contacts
    • For your calendar, select Calendar
  • You can now access your student email through the Gmail app.
  • You can now access your Google calendar through the Calendar app.
  • You can now access your Google address book through the Contacts or People app, depending on your device’s configuration.