Mr. Saleh Al-Bdoor, the Cultural and Educational Attache at the Jordanian Embassy came to the An Namuthajiyah campus of RCsDP on 18 October 2011 for a friendly visit. He was accompanied by Dr. Ahmed Shamiyah, Dental Director of Noble Smile Dental Care, who also comes from Jordan.

Mr. Al Bdoor and Dr. Shamiyah had some friendly conversation with Prof. Abdullah Al Shammery, Rector of RCsDP; Mr. Muhanna Al Muhana, Gen. Director for Finance & Human Resources; and some Jordanian faculty at RCsDP the likes of whom include Prof. Mohammad Al Omari, Head of Restorative Dentistry Department; Dr. Raed Salma, Head of Oral & Maxillofacial Division; Mr. Mohammad Rayyan, Asst. Professor of Fixed Prosthodontics; and Dr. Ibrahim Khalil, Asst. Professor of Endodontics.

Prof. Al Shammery extended the usual warm RCsDP hospitality to his Jordanian visitors as he took them on a very informative and engaging tour of the campus on King Fahad Road. The guests had the opportunity to see for themselves some RCsDP faculty and administrative staff at work and the different facilities of the clinics, classrooms and offices of the Colleges.


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