The multidisciplinary seminar for dental postgraduate students was regularly conducted in the first semester of Academic Year 2016-2017. Various papers on different topics were tackled here.

“Orthodontic Management for Periodontally Compromised Adult Patient” presented by Dr. Waleed Al Joufi (Perio) and Dr. Riyadh Al Shehri (Ortho); “Multidisciplinary approach to evaluate tooth prognosis” by Dr. Maisam Al Homaidhi (Prostho); “Developmental Disturbances in Permanent Teeth caused by Trauma to the Primary Dentition” by Dr. Mona Al Nafaie (Endo); “Diagnosis and management of a mass in the jaws – A case of a dentigerous cyst in a child” by Dr. Abdullah Al Shubat (Pedo); “Ferrule effect on the survival rate of crowned teeth” by Dr. Abdulrahman Al Shubat (Resto); “Bio-Medical Waste Management in Hospital” by Dr. Ali Abo Malik (Ortho) ;” The Use of Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) in Diagnosis and Treatment Planning of Endodontic-Periodontic Lesions” by Dr. Yousef Hamad Dahman (Endo) and Dr. Omar Alabood (Perio); “ Orthognathic vs. Distraction Osteogenesis in Clift and Facial Deformities” by Dr. Othman Al Tuwairgi (Guest Presenter); “Teledentistry – The role of mobile phone platforms in diagnosis and referral in Pediatric Dentistry” by Dr. Mohammed Saeed Al Shaya (Pedo); “The role of using Occlusal Splints Therapy” by Dr. Yousef Ezzat (Prostho); “Prevalence and management of canine impactions” by Dr. Nour Al Shammari (Perio); ”Shortened Dental Arch Concept” by Dr. Mohammed Al Shehri (Prostho); ”CAD / CAM in Dentistry” by Dr. Mohammed Alamar (Prostho); “Management of Missing Teeth in Growing Individuals via Auto Transplantation” by Dr. Noor Fathi Al Saud (Ortho); ”Management of Missing Teeth in Growing Individuals via Auto Transplantation” by Dr. Fatima Al Abbas (Pedo); and ”Can a Chronic Dental Infection be considered a cause of Cardiovascular disease? A review of the literature” by Dr. Khalid Metwali (AGD) – these were the papers and presentors discussed at the Multidisciplinary Seminar for Dental Postgraduate students that were held from October to December 2016.
Supervisors were Prof. Sami Shafik (3 papers), Dr. Jamal Al Sanea (3 papers); Dr. Mohammed Al Rafee (4 papers); Dr. Sharat Pani (2 papers); Prof. Roula Al Bounni; Dr. Hassan Selim; Dr. Shibu Thomas Mathew; Dr. May Al Khudhairy; and Dr. Rakan Shaheen.
Dr. Hesham Ahmed Ali (Resto); Dr. Mashael Obaid Al Shahran (Endo); Dr. Mohannad Ali Alanezi (R3 – OMFS); Dr. Hesham Saleh Alrefedan (R3 – OMFS); Dr. Ali Mohammad Al-Dheer (R3 – OMFS); Dr. Abdulrahman Saad Ali Alqahtani (R3 – OMFS)l; and Dr. Sozan Al Saad (R2 – Ortho) moderated the various sessions of the seminar.


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