The month of November saw eleven (11) Masters R2 students at RCsDP presenting their respective papers at the regular Multidisciplinary Seminar sessions. The sessions were moderated by Masters R3 students and were held at the General Meeting Hall in An Namuthajiyah campus on King Fahd Road according to the following schedule:

Date & Moderator Presenter Title of Paper Supervisor
02 November
Dr. Zaid Al Balawi
Perio R3
Dr. Israa Hasan Al Daigi
(Prostho R2)
“Laminate Veneers – More than Just a Shell of Ceramics”. Dr. Rohit Fernandez
Dr. Mohammed Saeed Ayed
(Perio R2)
“Aggressive Forms of Periodontitis: Diagnosis and Different Treatment Modalities”. Prof. Sami Shafik
Dr. Wedad Saud Al Enazi
(Prostho R2)
“A Multidisciplinary Approach for the Management of Hypodontia” Dr. Fawaz Al Qahtani


09 November
Dr. Ahmad Al Mohy
Endo R3
Dr. Huda Al Thabit
(Pedo R2)
“Decayed 1st Permanent Molar – The Role of Pediatric Dentist In Multidisciplinary Management” Dr. Sharat Pani
Dr. Asmaa Meslet
(Oral Diagnosis R2)
“Dental Malpractice”. Prof. Hezekiah Mosadomi


16 November
Dr. Yousef AL Haider
Endo R3
Mohammed Al Enezi
(Endo R2)
“An Overview of Oral Manifestation of Systematic Disease”. Prof. Sami Shafik
Dr. Mohammed Al Enezi
(Perio R2)
“An Overview of the Regeneration and Bone Augmentation in Dental Treatment”. Prof. Sami Shafik


23 November
Dr. Rawan Abuthuraya
Ortho R3
Dr. Yasmine Tarek Ahmad
R2 Resto
“Multi Approach Management of Short Maxillary Anterior Teeth” Prof. Roula Al Bounni
Dr. Hidayah Elyas
R2 Oral D
“Early Detection of Oral Cancer” Prof. Hezekiah Mosadomi


30 November
Dr. Ahmed Al Ahmari
Perio R3
Dr. Ahmed Bahamid
(Prostho R2)
“Posterior Cross Bite Diagnosis and Treatment Modalities” Dr. Jamal Al Sanea
Dr. Waleed Al Hossan
Prostho R2
“Zirconia and Dentistry” Dr. Rohit Fernandez


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