Female pharmacy students of level 8 (Batch 18) under the supervision of Dr Kamilia Tawfik and Ms. Ghadeer Kefiri, Course Director and  Contributor , respectively, organized the 4th Annual Pharmacy Workshop “OTC Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacist Advice” last 21 April 2016.This activity which was held on the Ground Floor of the AnNamuthajiyah Campus was organized in cooperation with RCDP student’s activities director, Ms. Hanan Al Saleh.
The event aimed to provide the pharmacy students in this course an opportunity to practice the pharmacist role in giving the best trustable advice about the most common over-the-counter pharmaceutical products in the form of dietary supplements (herbs, vitamins and minerals) for the hair, skin and for overall body function. The students tried to give their visitors sound advice about the pharmaceutical products so the consumer could choose the best product for himself/herself. They also gave advice on which best way to administer the products to achieve the optimal results. The students also shared beauty tips and discussed home remedies regarding skin and hair care.


The participating students were:

  • Awa Ahmad A. Sulaiman
  • Ghaliah Bassam S. Al-Motlag
  • Alrwah Faisal K. Al Enizy
  • Fatima Mohamed Ahmed Shahin
  • Noor Omar M. Al Fetayh
  • Nadya Abdullah H. Al Hamri
  • Farah Nabeel F. Shihab
  • Sara Saud A. Al Dail
  • Ghallah Tahssin A. Sultan
  • Rawan Abdelseed H. Niman
  • Yuara Abdullah A. Kekia
  • Fatimah Ramez H. Al Daheek
  • Nouf Hassn A. Al Shahrani
  • Raghaed Awat H. Al Grny
  • Saly Ghassan S. Ghareeb
  • Nada Hamad M. Al Hejailan
  • Abeer Ali A. Marwi
  • Manal Saad T. Al Majaweb


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