Pharmacy Students hold Fair on Health, Cosmetics and OTC Products

The College of Pharmacy of Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy, in particular, the female students of Level-8 Batch 20 under Dr. Kamilia Tawfik, held another fair related to the health and cosmetics care OTC products. The event which aimed to create awareness about health, cosmetics and over-the counter products among the visitors to the fair, was held at the An Namuthajiyah Campus, from April 13 to 14m 2017.
The activity had five booths which catered to the visitors’ specific interests in 1. Collagen and hyaluronic acid for the skin, their uses and benefits, side effects; 2. Acne, its causes, methods of prevention and management, the different skin types, products available in Saudi pharmacies; 3. Various kinds of vitamins for the hair and skin and natural sources of the same; 4. Weight management, awareness of how one either loses or gains weight, weight management methods using medications or natural products available in Saudi pharmacies; 5. Types and uses of sunscreens and their negative effects. The students assigned in each booth took turns in explaining the various topics and the pertinent products available in Saudi pharmacies.
The EGO Pharmaceutical Company provided QV skin care products for distribution to students and visitors.
A large number of faculty members and students from RCsDP and other schools in Riyadh came and were delighted that they came to such an interesting fair.


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