Three  (3) postgraduate students in Pharmacy had their Masters thesis presentation last January 5, 2017 at the An Namuthajiyah campus. They were Dr. Eman Nasser Al Mutairi, Dr. Fahad I. Al Anazi and Dr. Bader Ayed Al  Qarni. Their thesis titles were “Medication Errors During Admission Into Emergency Department: Characteristics and Association with Patient Harm”; “Patient’s Awareness, Efficacy, and Safety of  Warfarin in King Khalid University Hospital”; and “Vitamin D Evaluation in Postmenopausal Saudi Women”, respectively.

Dr. Al Mutairi was supervised by Prof. Yousif Assiri; Dr. Al-Anazi by Dr. Fathy Behery; and Dr. Al Qarni by Dr. Tahani Al Rahbeni.
The members of the examination panels were Prof. Farouk M. Sakr, Dr. Hana Al Khabbaz, Dr. Abdel Nasser Adam, Dr. Ahmed Khashaba, Dr. Ashraf Kamel and Dr. Maha El Hakeem


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