The Saudi Dental Education Conference honored Prof. Abdullah Rakeeb Alshammery, the Rector of riyadh Colleges for the personality of the year award in 2017 because of his services in dental education. This award was given for the first time by the Saudi Dental Education Society during the Saudi Dental Education conference, which is an appreciation and acknowledgment of the work he has done for the profession of dentistry and teaching over thirty-five years of his scientific career. He is one of the leaders in Saudi Dentistry.

Prof. Abdullah Al Shammery Achievement & Position:

  • President of Advisory Council for Private Universities and Colleges, Saudi Arabia from 2016 till the present day.
  • Rector of Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy since 2002 till the Present day.
  • Chairman of Oral and Dental Health committee, Scientific Consultant of the Council for the Health Ministers of the GCC States.
  • He has more than 45 scientific published research and has participated in more than 350 national and international conferences.
  • President of the Saudi Society of Restorative Dentistry.
  • He was the first Dentist Dean of the first College of Dentistry in Saudi Arabia at King Saud University from 1990 to 1994.
  • Founder and co-founded several scientific committees, journals, and academies nationally and internationally.
  • President of the Saudi Dental Society from 1981-1991, and from 1993-2004.
  • Founder & Editors-in-Chief of the first Dental journal in Saudia “Saudi Dental Journal” in 1989. He worked as Editors-in-Chief for 16 years until 2004.
  • He establish the first private college of health sciences in 2004. It was named Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy.
  • Founder of Saudi Board of Restorative Dentistry,
  • 1st Chairman of Scientific Council of Saudi Board for Dentistry from 1998 until 2008.
  • He established the Saudi Arabian Section of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) in 1994.
  • He established the Arab Academy for Continuing Dental Education in 2008
  • He contributed with the general secretary of Ministry of Health in GCC to establish Oral Health Committee in the GCC, He also serves as the scientific advisor to the council which conducts Academic Activities annually.
  • Scientific chairman of Global Scientific Alliance in AEEDC Dubai International Conference.
  • He was awarded for the Personality of the Year Award in 2011 at AEEDC Dubai International Conference as the 1st one to receive this award
  • He was honored at the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties of Saudi Fellowship in Restorative Dentistry in 2013, as an acknowledgment of his outstanding efforts in the establishment of Saudi Board of Dentistry and the development of the dental profession in Saudi Arabia in general.


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