The 2018 Riyadh dental conference was held at Crown Plaza Hotel last Wednesday March 21. This prestigious event was attended by our rector Prof. AlShammery who served as one of the keynote speakers.

His 2030 KSA Vision’s: “We need more prevention than treatment in Saudi Dental Practice emphasizes the importance of prevention that will solve the issue of dental diseases in KSA. The complete self-awareness and knowledge of the prevention especially the children with full cooperation of parents, teachers and public and private sectors is one of the objectives. He called the attention of all insurance companies to covers all preventive treatment code in dental procedures. He also added that the Dentistry curriculum being used in KSA is very old and need to be re-designed that will upgrade the preventive program course as well.

Prof. AlShammery ended his presentation with the conclusion of further attentions and well designed programs are needed to decrease the high percentage of caries with also implementation of dental codes coverage by insurance company.

He was awarded with a plaque of appreciation for his great contribution in presenting a very enlightening and valuable topic that everyone will certainly absorbed and gave them encouragement to continue spreading the message of Rector’s presentation about prevention.

Positive feedback from the audience is expected as another evidence of a successful endeavor indeed of our respected rector in the field of dentistry. 


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