Project Description

Bachelor of Dental Assisting

A dental assistant education will provide the essential characteristics of a great dental assistant.

The dental assistant’s most important role is to help patients feel comfortable as he/she strives to reduce their anxiety through all stages of dental procedures.

In Riyadh Elm University, students who would be dental assistants are trained in chair side assisting, four-handed dentistry, radiology, and the use of dental materials. Dental assistant training in Riyadh Elm University includes areas of study such as administrative tasks (managing financial records, completing insurance forms, and scheduling patients), The dental assistant education program includes practical instruction or supervised training in a dental clinic.

Dental assistant education in Riyadh Elm University prepares the students for these tasks and a successful career.

Program Mission:

Effective dental assistance education and training with an active contribution to scientific oral health research and meeting the community’s oral health needs.

Program Goals:

  1. To provide a curriculum that adheres to the current dental healthcare standards and business office management procedures in the dental assistance field; to achieve certification as a Dental Assistant, as identified on an international level; preparing students for employment
  2. Qualifying students to promote oral health awareness to the public and enabling them to engage in community service as part of the dental health care team
  3. To provide students with the necessary knowledge, and scientific writing skills to conduct quality health research that serves to improve oral health care in their community
  4. To build in graduates a commitment to lifelong learning and dedication to fulfill their personal and professional potential

Program Learning Outcomes:

Knowledge and Understanding
K1 Integrate basic behavioral, dental, and oral health care sciences in dental assistant’s clinical practice
K2 Explain the basics of oral health, its disease development, prevention, and treatment
K3 Describe the role of the dental assistant in the dental team and clinical practice management
K4 Demonstrate basic research skills in the field of dental assistance and oral health care
S1 Differentiate between normal and pathological oral structures
S2 Apply current standards of infection control and occupational safety
S3 Review and evaluate patients’ records and history accurately
S4 Demonstrate professionalism in performing various radiographic procedures with safety
S5 Demonstrate professionalism in handling different dental materials used in dental treatments and their indications
S6 Demonstrate general chair-side skills in diagnostic and operative dental procedures by applying four-six-handed dentistry principles safely
S7 Communicate effectively both orally and in writing with dentists, patients, their families, colleagues, and other health professionals
S8 Demonstrate ability to perform administrative dental office skills
V1 Demonstrate the capacity for self, peer – assessment, and lifelong learning
V2 Apply appropriate professional, ethical, and legal standards in dental assisting in delivering patient-centered care in accordance with health care rules and regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
V3 Display an attitude of accountability towards patients and colleagues
V4 Participate constructively in a team and demonstrate a practice of leadership when appropriate
V5 Use health informatics in oral care effectively

Program Graduate Attributes:

  1. Competent in four and six-handed dentistry
  2. Compassionate and honest
  3. Excellent in administrative clinical skills
  4. Capable of effective communication with dentists, dental auxiliary personnel, and patients
  5. Familiar with the new technologies used in the dental field in diagnoses, dental materials, and treatment techniques
  6. Passionate to serve the community and raise awareness of oral health
  7. Life –long learner