Project Description

Bachelor of Dental Technology

A Dental Technology student in Riyadh Elm University learns all the technical skills necessary to work with molds, metals, and other materials to create customized fixtures for the perfect fit. Students learn how to make and repair orthodontic appliances, crowns and bridges, complete dentures, partial dentures, and other dental appliances.

They also learn how to fill orders from dentists for a variety of dental appliances. They are trained how to use the dentists’ detailed written directions and molds of the patient’s teeth or oral soft tissues and therefrom.

Program Mission:

Effective dental technology education and training with an active contribution to scientific oral health research and meeting dental service’s needs.

Program Goals:

  1. Yield a fine educational encounter in the field of dental technology corresponding to international and national standards which assist the students to establish their professional practices.
  2. Qualifying the students to enhance their active communication skills that aid them to approach various technical problems in association with the dentist and other dental health care team.
  3. Supporting the students to establish the precept of life-long learning to promote professional knowledge and skills by taking part in conferences, workshops, and dental-related scientific research events.
  4. Engage students in community service.

Program Learning Outcomes:

Knowledge and Understanding
K1 Identify different materials, material selection, biocompatibility, designs of dental appliances, and fabrication techniques used in their manufacture
K2 Demonstrate a critical approach to research methods, basic managerial skills, and strategies in the field of Dental Technology
K3 Describe dental technology techniques and various dental concepts
K4 Integrate oral, basic, biomedical, biohazard, and behavioral sciences with the dental lab technology profession
S1 Illustrate intellectual skills in management, knowledge, reasoning, and problem solving to enable an evaluation of contrasting approaches within the field of dental technology
S2 Analyze critically, using higher levels of professional judgments and decision making in dental lab technology environments
S3 Analyze evidence and employ independent research techniques producing an extended piece of academic writing
S4 Demonstrate competence in performing procedures in all aspects of dental technology with different materials
S5 Operate safely, independently and be able to make autonomous decisions when constructing dental appliances of increasing complexity
S6 Use the appropriate information technology software and electronic resources to analyze, search and present effectively
V1 Demonstrate the capacity for working independently while maintaining standards and time management
V2 Apply appropriate professional, ethical and legal standards in providing sound prostheses following health care rules and regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
V3 Engage in continuing professional development and direct personal development through self and peer assessment

Program Graduate Attributes:

  1. Able to communicate effectively with dentist and colleagues
  2. Possessor of good hand skills
  3. Good organizational ability, time management skills, and able to do precise and detailed work
  4. Possessor of an eye for form and design
  5. Able to follow instructions and concentrate on specific tasks
  6. Knowledgeable in technologies
  7. Self-motivated, enjoy working independently and in a team