Project Description

Master of Clinical Pharmacy & Pharm. D. Certificate

The Master of Science in Clinical Pharmacy and Pharm. D. Certificate Program offered through Riyadh Elm University, Formerly Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy is designed to provide practicing pharmacists the opportunity to extend their education, enhance their clinical skills, and complete Pharm. D. (MSc) training while remaining in the work force. This is an important advancement in the level of practice in the profession of pharmacy. The curriculum promotes active learning, problem solving, and critical thinking and is designed for the adult learner.
The program allows for individualized assessment of professional competencies to determine placement and allows academic credit for prior learning as evaluated through the students preparation of a portfolio, challenge examinations, or other methods of experiential assessment deemed appropriate by the faculty. All applicants accepted into the program need to be, or willing to become, proficient at using personal computers and must have internet access and an E-mail account. The didactic and experiential portion curriculum is designed to be completed in two (2) years and awarded a Pharm. D. certificate followed by six (6) months of research dissertation to satisfy the requirement for Master of Science in Clinical Pharmacy.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the program is the delivery of pharmaceutical care. Pharmaceutical care involves the process through which a pharmacist collaborates with a patient and other professionals in designing. Implementing, and monitoring a therapeutic plan that will produce specific therapeutic outcomes for the patient. Therefore, we have two major goals for the Master of Science in Clinical Pharmacy and Pharm. D. program.

These Goals are:

  • To provide graduates with a basic core of knowledge, skills, values and attitudes needed by pharmacists to meet the professional competencies necessary to become generalists who practice pharmaceutical care.
  • To prepare graduates to assume leadership in the provision of pharmaceutical care and advance the practice of pharmacy.

Masters Degree (Pharmacy)

To be admitted into the Master of Science in Clinical Pharmacy, Pharm. D. Certificate, students must provide the following requirements:
  • To be admitted into the Program, students must provide the following requirements:
    • Updated Curriculum Vitae
    • (2) Personal Photos, White Background
    • Copy of graduation certificate (minimum of very good or above average GPA)
    • Copy of Official Academic Record
    • English Proficiency Test exam TOEFL (iBT) or ILETS
    • Copy of Release Letter from your employer that covers the program duration
    • (3) Recommendation Letters
    • A personal statement (not more than 300 words), stating your career objectives and your past experiences
    • Copy of Professional Classification and Registration ID of Saudi Commission for Health Specialties
    • Copy of Registration Fee Deposit Slip
    • Copy of the National ID or Iqama ID
    • Copy of Name page of your Passport

Registration Fee: 10, 000 SR

Annual Fee: 150, 000 SR
Account Number IBAN Number Bank Account Name
Male / Female 2600956581 SA15 4000 0000 0026 0095 6581 SAMBA Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy