The University administration in its Mission, Vision and Goals envisaged Postgraduate Dental Education Programs in the university as a major contribution to Dentistry and Dental Health in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was expected that Postgraduate Programs would include the mandatory Internship Program, the Dental Residency Programs, Graduate Programs (Master’s and Doctorate Degrees) and Continuing Education Programs.

Approval for a Master’s Degree Program plus a competency certification in a Dental Specialty was given by the Ministry of Higher Education (MHE) in 2008. It was also in 2008 that the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS) approved the university as a training center for selected Dental Residency (Boards) Programs. Now all the Dental Residency Programs training have been approved for offering by the university.

The double achievement is an indication of the quality of staff of Riyadh Elm University as well as the fair judgement of both the MOE and SCFHS that saw the capability of the university in all its Departments and Divisions.

Consequently in October 2009, four students were admitted as pioneer Postgraduate Education Students – three (3) in Periodontics and one (1) in Restorative Dentistry.

For the Residency Training Programs, the university in 2010 had a total of eleven residents: two (2) in Restorative Dentistry, two (2) in Orthodontics, two (2) in Prosthodontics, three (3) in Endodontics and two (2) in Pediatric Dentistry.

For the academic year which began in September 25, 2010, thirteen (13) graduate degree students were admitted as follows: three (3) in Orthodontics, two (2) in Pediatric Dentistry, three (3) in Periodontics and four (4) in Oral Maxillofacial Surgery.

If the university as expected, continues to maintain its qualitative and quantitative growth, encourage and achieve quality research by the academic staff, invite visiting international scholars, within a reasonable time, it should be possible to commence doctorate programs in Riyadh Elm University.

Although there is a Coordinator for the combined Postgraduate Programs, the administration of each program is guided by a Postgraduate Studies Committee which oversees both the graduate degree (M.S) Program and the Residency Programs.