The whole merry month of May 2016 saw the Master’ s thesis  presentation and defense by the postgraduate students in dentistry in Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy.
The first week‘s presenters were Dr. Mona Tarek Al Deiji, Dr. Israa Hassan Al Daigi, Dr. Saleh Ali Al Klayb and Dr. Fouad Ahmed Al Harbi. Their thesis titles were “Evaluating the Microhardness of Bulk-Fill Composite Using New-Generation of LED Device Compared with Traditional Halgen Lamp A Vitro Study”; “Influence of Different Cement Lute and Thermocycling on the Flexure Strength of a Porcelain Laminate Veneering Material”; “Development and Validation of Mobile Phone Based Education Program in Educating Mother’s as Oral Health “First Responders” for early childhood caries” and “Patterns and Etiology of Maxillofacial Fractures at King Fahd Central Hospital in Gizan City, Saudi Arabia: A 5 year Retrospective Study”, respectively.
Dr. Abdulrahman Awadh Al Rizqi, Dr. Ahmed Adnan Turkistani, Dr. Abdulrahman Al Saffan, Dr. Sara Al Bawardi and Dr. Nourah Al Rasheed presented “Effectiveness of Various Dental Bleaching Techniques: In vitro study”; “Fracture Resistance of Teeth restored with ENDOCROWNS – an In Vitro Study”; “Oral Health Knowledge Among the Primary School Children in Riyadh City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”; “Assessment of Periodontal Diseases Related Knowledge in Middle School Female Teachers of Riyadh City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” and “Oral Health Knowledge Among Primary School Female Teachers in Riyadh City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”, respectively, on the second week.
On the third week, Dr. Abdulrahman Autman Al Bargash, Dr. Ahmed Abdullah Zahrani, Dr. Raied Al Shemmeri and Dr. Abdulaziz Al Shammery presented the following: “Effect of three different placement Techniques on marginal Micro-Leakage in class II composite restoration an in vitro study”; “Evaluation of the Effect of Platelet Rich Fibrin on Healing of Extraction Socket”; “Saudi Parents Perception on the Importance of their Children’s First Dental Visit”; “The Effects of King Salman Center for Children Health on the Oral Health Knowledge of School Children”.
On the last week, Dr. Nasser Al Zaid and Dr. Mohammed Al Wehaibi presented their papers “Assessment of Medical Malfeasance in Riyadh City and its Impact on individual and Community” and “Patients Satisfaction with Dental Services at Riyadh University Dental Clinics”.
Prof. Mohammad Al Omari was supervisor to three of the papers; Dr. Ashraf Kamel and Dr. Sheri Helal, to two papers each. Other faculty who supervised the theses were Prof. Sami Shafik, Prof. Ibrahim El Hakim, Prof. Mohiddin Dimashkie, Prof. Gamal Kenawy, Prof. Abdul Nasser Adam, Dr. Mansour Assery, Dr. Fawaz Al Qahtani, and Dr. Navin Ingle.
Dr. Mohammed Abdul Baseer co-supervised five of the fifteen papers presented; Prof. Roula Al Bounni and Dr. Ashwin Shetty, two papers each. Dr. Sharat Pani, Dr. Abu Baker Sherwani, Dr. Mohammad Rayyan, Dr. Afraa Muriky, Dr. Abdullah Al Keraidis and Dr. Saeed Mohammadi also co-supervised.


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