Ten (10) Nursing interns from Batch 6 and 3 from Batch 4 attended a meeting held last Sunday, 12 February 2017, at  the Saudi Council office the Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz auditorium at the Diplomatic Quarters in Riyadh.

At this meeting, the Dean of Nursing at the John Hopkins University in the USA discussed the Doctorate in Nursing Program on Practice Management and Leadership offered at the University. The speaker encouraged her audience composed of nursing graduates, nurse educators, staff nurses, and hospital administrative staff to join/enroll in the program. She discussed the employment benefits (career, personality development, financial) for those who have the degree. This program is at present already offered by some universities in the Dammam region but not yet in Riyadh.
According to the RCsDP interns who attended the meeting, the presentation was really interesting. They said that they may consider pursuing the program in the future. They wish to convey their gratitude to the management of RCsDP for the great opportunity accorded them to attend this such a valuable meeting. The hour they spent listening was really worth it, the interns said.
Vice Dean Tahani Al Rahbeni and Ms. Marietta Sorbito of the College of Nursing coordinated and arranged for the attendance of the RCsDP interns at said meeting upon the invitation of the Saudi Council.


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