The Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy welcomed the freshmen students who have been accepted at the first semester of the academic year 1435-1436H corresponding 2014-2015, at Qurtouba campus for male students and for female Al- Namouthajiyah campus. A full program was organized by the RCsDP for welcoming and orienting the new students. The celebration was attended by Prof. Abdullah Al Shammery, Rector of RCsDP, and Dr. Saleh Al Shamrani, Dean of College of Dentistry (Male section).

Prof. Abdulla gave a speech for the new students, in which he greeted, congratulated them for joining the colleges, then he invited them to take advantage of all the facilities and potential offered by the college, he also assured them that the preparatory year have a big impact on their scholastic achievement, urging them to take care of forming a healthy relationships based on values and principles of Islam.

In addition they met with Dr. Saleh Al Shamrani, who emphasized in his speech on the necessity of being familiarize with the colleges instructions and regulations and comply to them and to coordinate with the Academic Advisor of the Undergraduate to avoid problems. After that both of Prof. Jamal Kenawy, Head of Science Department Preparatory, and Dr. Mohammed Mehdi, Dr. Fathi Jamal, Dr. Raed Shatat, Dr. Atef Amin, and Mohammad Fawaz, Counselor Education:, they all advice and guide the students in regard to their curriculum and give them a brief idea about the preparatory years.

Finally, the orientation program included a tour of the Riyadh Colleges facilities.


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