The 51st Quality Symposium for the Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy was held on October 29, 2015 at the An Namuthajiyah campus. The Rector, Prof. Abdullah R. Al Shammeri reported that the Colleges has started to prepare this early for the renewal of accreditation for the school and its programs under the direction of a new management team. He said that the required documentation started in 2010 and will be ready by 2016 for the external examiners who are expected to visit in 2017.
The Rector and Dr. Saleh Al Shamrani, Dean of Dentistry(male campus), encouraged the faculty to do an evaluation of the performance of their students in their courses in the current midterm examinations, including the reasons or causes for such performance and to provide appropriate positive feedback for both weak and strong performers through their consultation hours. Dean Saleh reminded all course directors to show up on the date of the examination for their courses to answer the questions or clarification from the students regarding their exam questions.
The Dean of Dentistry (female campus), Dr. Jamal Al Sanea, pointed out that the schedule of exams are published early and is included in the Academic Calendar. All faculty must have this and be able to provide all their students with the same.
Dr. Kais Al Obaidy, Dean for Pharmacy, gave a brief report on the state of affairs in the College.
The Rector recognized Dr. Abdulrahman Al Saffan for employing non-traditional ways and the latest technology to make his course on medical terminology more interesting and to effect better learning for his students. He also cited Dr. Kamel Ashraf’s proposal for developing required skills among faculty and students.
Prof. H. Mosadomi, Director of the Research Center noted that research has definitely grown in RCsDP but the growth has been mostly student-driven rather than faculty-driven. He further noted that research may have to be declared as a requirement for the faculty more than just a recommendation or voluntary work.
Dr. Sharat Pani, Assistant Director of the Research Center, informed of the recent move by the Center, specifically, the Committee on Research Ethics (CORE), to establish the Institutional Review Board (IRB) guidelines for researchers in order to maintain professionalism, promote confidentiality and ensure compliance with international norms for both presentation and publication of papers, among others.
The Leader of Pharmaceutical Science Research Group V (Male) and Pharmacy Department Chairman, Prof. Farouk Sakr, reported the following achievements for his group : Seven (7) published articles in international journals; three (3) articles accepted for publication; one (1) for editorial review; and eight (8) registered in the Center, four of which are by faculty and four by students. He also cited the award he won in ACDIMA as BEST RESEARCH and the Second Place won by the RCsDP student in the recent DUPHAT.
Prof. Sami Shafik, Leader of another Research Group and Chairman of the Department of Preventive Dentistry reported on his group’s research activities. These consist of researches undertaken by undergraduate and postgraduate students, and dental interns. The group’s activities also cover researches made and/ or supervised by faculty in the PDS Department (including Dean Al Sanea, Prof. Shafik himself; Prof. Sanaa Shafshak; Dr. Sharat Pani; Dr. Mohammed Abdul Baseer; Dr. Mathew Shibu; Dr. Ahmad Tawfiq; Dr. Abdulrahman Al Saffan; Dr. Shahzeb Ansari; Dr. Omar Al Kadhi; Dr. Hafez Diab; and Dr. Sunil Babu), either alone or with students or with other faculty in or outside RCsDP. A great percentage of these researches have been published in international journals including the Saudi Journal of Oral Sciences. Other activities cover supervision provided by the faculty for postgraduate theses and the development of new research ideas using RCsDP facilities and equipment.
Prof. Ibrahim El Hakim, Leader of Group IV on OMFS and Diagnostic Sciences cited the various papers undertaken by himself; Prof. Mosadomi; Prof. Hassan Abouelkheir; and Dr. Syed Ahmad Hassan.


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