About Research Center

The Vision, Mission and Goals/Objectives of the Research Center under the umbrella of the Research Council are:


To advance health research in all specialties so as to meet the health needs of the nation and the world at large and to promote the health, education and well being of all people in a rapidly changing and technological world.


To support, improve and promote health research through ethical research in the basic, clinical, translational, and applied sciences by faculty staff and students internally and in cooperation with collaborating external and public institutions.

Goals and Objectives

  • Making the Research Center an efficient, productive and outstanding department of the University.
  • Coordinating, facilitating and monitoring all research activities within the University and those outside the University officially involving staff and students.
  • Promoting balanced research activities in the biomedical/biodental sciences, education, public health, clinical dentistry and translational/ applied sciences.
  • Sourcing substantial research funds within and outside the University.
  • Managing and promoting students’ research activities at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • Alerting and informing staff on any available funding opportunities within and outside the University.
  • Ensuring compliance with the policy of the University on Ethics of human and animal research.
  • Producing scientific and professional peer-reviewed journals on behalf of the University.
  • Running continuing education courses from time to time on research methods and scientific writing.


Dr. Deema Al Shammery
011-210-0000 Ext. 1196 [email protected]