Research Center Development and Activities

Riyadh Elm University, Formerly Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy (RCsDP) officially created a Research Council on February 2010. Members of the Council were Prof. Abdullah Al Shammery, Dean, (Chairman), Prof. Fahad Al Shammery, Vice-Dean, Dr. Saleh Al Shamrani, Vice-Dean, Prof. Nagy El Prince, Prof. Bassem El Mallakh, Prof. Gamal Kenawy, Prof. Hossam Kandil and Prof. Farouk Sakr.
The Council had different Research Groups as working subcommittees of the Council. They were 1) Dentistry Research Group, 2) Pharmacy Research Group, 3) Basic Medical Science Research Group and 4) Community and Health Education Research Group. Each of the Group had a Coordinator. The Goals of the Council were stated as follows:
  • Create an annual plan for research of various sections of the current year and the upcoming five years.
  • Encourage faculty members, students and staff of the Colleges to complete a specialized research.
  • Promotion of scientific publishing in scientific journals.
  • Provide administrative support and material for the registration of research conducted in the colleges or cooperation with it.
  • Encourage research collaboration with the centers and the scientific commissions outside the colleges.
  • Implement the research conducted accordance to regulations approved by the Research Colleges Council.
With this administrative decision, research activities in the Colleges commenced not with a bang but with modest efforts by the different groups either by planning or actual commencement of some clinical researches.
But since an operational arm of the Council was not in place to coordinate the potential research activities of the Colleges, the Administration thought it fit to formally establish a Research Center headed by a Director and assisted by an Administrative Staff. Hence the Research Center was created in May 2010 with the appointment of Prof. Hezekiah A. Mosadomi as its pioneer Director. It was clearly understood that the Research Center will assume achieving the goals originally enunciated by the Research Council and that the Research Center will actually be operating under the administrative umbrella of the Research Council. With this understanding, the vision, mission and goals of the Research Center were formulated. The Research Center thus becomes the focus of all research activities in the University. The more easily identifiable areas of activities are:
  • Establishing Rules and Regulation for conducting Research
  • Strategic forward planning for Research
  • Sourcing of funds
  • Specialized Research Topics by Research Teams
  • Establishment of Links with other centers within and outside the Kingdom
  • Design of appropriate Official Forms for activities in the Center
  • Access to scientific data bases
  • Publication of Journals
  • Supporting CE programs in the College
These activities will of course be pursued within the administrative guidelines of RCsDP.
The Research Center will function as initiator, facilitator and approving body for practically all research activities in the institution. These of course will be achieved through the different subcommittees currently constituted (there may be more in future).
The Center has already designed Forms for:
  • Funded Research Proposal
  • Non-Funded Research Proposal
  • Informed Consent Explanation
  • Informed Consent Form
The Center will reinforce what is already known in the Administration that there must be a balance (not necessarily identical) in the biological, clinical and physical research areas in dentistry and pharmacy as the case may be. This is more compelling because graduate education (Master’s degree) had already commenced in Dentistry since October 2009.
The task is not going to be an “easy” one. Research activities of Level 12 dental students, interns, residents, graduate students and faculty will have to be coordinate with limited resources for now. By creatively seeking funds from outside the College eg KACST, Agencies, Pharmaceutical Institutions, other private sources, we hope that the Budget of the Center will be significantly augmented.
The Center has also been charged with the task of publishing scientific journals in the name of Riyadh Elm University, Formerly Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy (RCsDP). Accordingly Saudi Arabian Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry is in the process of being produced by January 2011.
In concluding this section, it is important to recognize the commitment of Administration of REU to achieving the best possible at any time for the institution. As a private institution, the commitment to quality growth in students’ population, physical expansion, human resources, teaching, care services and research is evident. The Administration deserves congratulation for establishing the Research Center.