Director’s Message

Research Centers are very conspicuous establishments in every respected higher institutions of learning. The reasons for this are many particularly so for higher health care institutions. Prominent among the reasons is the well known fact that a health institution’s preeminence is defined by the quality of its teaching, care services and research.
The recent inauguration of a Research Center in Riyadh Elm University (formerly Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy) is yet another achievement in the growth of the institution. The center will coordinate all research activities in the University. It cannot and will not be a bureaucratic arrangement that hinders research. The center will do everything within its terms of reference to foster active research. Most importantly, the Center, working in full cooperation and collaboration with the faculty, will source funds externally to augment whatever could be generated internally in Riyadh Elm University (formerly Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy).
Organizationally the Center will be reporting to the Research Council on its plans, activities and achievements. Accordingly a few subcommittees have been constituted to facilitate the operations of the center. Already forms have been designed for research registration, research funds application, informed consent statement and informed consent forms. A website has also been constructed to serve in disseminating the Center’s activities.
The Center will vigorously give leadership in research-related activities and it should be expected that even within the limitations of available resources at this time, the REU community will take pride in its Research Center and use it.