For abstract submission

9th Annual Research Day

An Namuthajiyah Campus

April 21st, 2018

Poster Presentation Guidelines and Information

  • You will be assigned a poster PRESENTATION NUMBER which you must indicate clearly on your Poster display.
  • There will be a PRESENTER ribbon for the presenter to wear during the presentation. Other members of a Group may also wear identification ribbons if they wish.
  • You are kindly requested to stay at your poster location for the duration of the assigned time. “No-show” is not accepted and will mean no grade/ appreciation award.
  • Posters must stay in place until the expiration of assigned time unless expiration is unspecified.
  • The physical site etc. will be arranged by the Research Center.

Poster Design Guidelines

  • Your poster will be assigned a PRESENTATION NUMBER. Please indicate this number on the Top Left hand corner of your display. This is necessary in case of commendation/ award/ citation for acclaimed posters.
  • Dimensions of the poster boards are about 1.5m (height) 1 m (width).
  • Poster orientation: Portrait.
  • The Poster Presentation MUST be on the same material you submitted as Interim Report or Abstract.
  • Your presentation MUST follow universally accepted IMRAD format which in this context is:
  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Materials and Methods (Design/ Methodology)
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • (Conclusion)
  • Literature cited
  • Acknowledgement

DO NOT include an ABSTRACT in your poster.

  • As a “young-in-the-business” researcher, a perfect poster design is NOT the target. The target is that your poster incorporates many “Do’s” and few (if any) “Don’ts”.
  • Prepare your poster neatly and legibly with minimal Text (plenty of Illustrations, Tables, Charts, Photos, X-rays etc.) such that a viewer can conveniently read them at 8-10 feet distance.
  • DO NOT crowd your poster with TEXT. “More seeing, less reading” is better. Leave enough open white background spaces in either 2 or 3 column presentation format.
  • DO NOT USE UPPER CASE (CAPITALS) in you TEXT. Use upper case letters only as normally used.
  • Colors are good and should be used but NOT overused as to become distractive.
  • DO NOT use more than 2 font types. Typically recommended are; Times New Roman and Arial.
  • Poster Title: 20 font size in Times New Roman- Body Text: 16 font size in Times New Roman in single spacing. Depending on the length of your poster, the font sizes could be larger
  • Use the following hints:
  • Title: Clearly typed. The boldest part of the Poster + Authors + REU in full.
  • Introduction: Minimal background information. State why the research was undertaken (aims and objectives)
  • Materials/Methods: Brief but informative. Use illustrations, pictures, etc. if applicable.
  • Results: Major part of your poster. Use illustrations, charts, graphs, photographs, photomicrographs, etc.
  • Discussion: Brief. May include numbered or bulleted conclusions.
  • Conclusions: if not included in the latter part of Discussion, may be numbered or bulleted.
  • Literature Cited: Kept to a minimum of 3-5 or not at all.

(You can also have copies of handouts ready to give away. In the handout, you are free to give greater details of your study which may include more refences

Prof. H.A.Mosadomi

Director, Research Center

For abstract submission