Postgraduates Research Proposal Registration

All postgraduate students are required to conduct research as a part of their master program.

  • A postgraduate student selects a research topic.
  • The postgraduate research topic requires a written pre-approval by the Research Center.
  • Master’s Program Research proposal must be completed by the postgraduate student, reviewed by his research supervisor/co-supervisor, and submitted online to the REU research center
  • All the research projects carried out by the postgraduate students shall be registered under “postgraduate research proposal” type in research center ‎online portal of REU with postgraduate student being main investigator and the supervisor and co-supervisors as co-investigators.
  • Postgraduate students can register research proposals by themselves with their REU login credentials within the research portal.
  • Once the research project is approved, a written research approval letter will be sent to both the postgraduate student and supervisor.