Undergraduate’s Research Proposal Registration

Undergraduate students are required to conduct research as a part of their curricula to enhance their research skills.

  • A student or a group of students shall select a topic of research.
  • The research topic requires a written pre-approval by the Research Center.
  • An undergraduate student research proposal form must be completed by the student, reviewed by research mentor, and submitted to the Research Center’s website with the help of research supervisor.
  • All the research projects carried out by the undergraduate students shall be registered under “undergraduate research proposal” type in the Research Center online portal with their research mentor/supervisor being main investigator while students shall be registered as co-investigators. All the undergraduate research proposals shall be registered by the REU research mentor/supervisor/co-supervisor with his/her REU login credentials within the research center portal.
  • Students cannot register research proposals by themselves with their REU login credentials within the research center. Hence students are encouraged to have research supervisor from REU. In cases where in research supervisor is an outsider, it is mandatory for the students select co-supervisor from the REU to facilitate registration and follow-up of the research project.
  • The Research Center will review the proposal for approval.
  • Once the research project is approved, a written research approval letter will be sent to both the undergraduate student and research mentor.