The 5th Summer Research Program has made another breakthrough this year as expected. This four-week didactic activity and research project preparation has started last June 20 to July 27, 2022.

Let’s have a simple recall of the past four REU summer health research programs respectively; on the 1st SHRP in 2018, there were 64 participants with 13 research projects came up from different universities and colleges in KSA. On the 2nd SHRP in 2019, there were 118 participants with 24 research projects from different regions, prestigious colleges and universities. On the 3rd SHRP amidst COVID19 pandemic in 2020, despite of the situation, we were able to accommodate 164 participants with 40 projects. In 2021 we proudly say that the 4th SHRP has made another record-breaking figure of 201 participants with 44 projects from 22 colleges & universities in and outside the KSA. And this year although the pandemic slowed down and several events already on face to face the 5th SHRP were still managed online, the number of applicants proved that we are a reliable, trustworthy and effective research program. We had 164 participants with 32 research projects. This program has been open to all professionals, e.g. dental/non-dental, health practitioners, students, interns and post grads annually or during summer season every Mondays & Wednesdays. And it was the initiative of our beloved Dean Tahani Alrahbeni, founder of this program in 2018 to make it remarkably possible then later on established under her directorship. Produce a research manuscript, tutorial of all research basics and methodologies, do actual hands-on research and hands-on training. These were just some of the highlighted advocacy of the program.

Subsequent activities like lectures, hands-on application, Q&As, FAQs, research projects, relative feedbacks, assessment/satisfaction surveys concerning supervisions among speakers & supervisors. And last but not the least, the traditional poster competition and awarding ceremony.

This 5th summer research program just embodied the usual setting with the 3rd SRP and 4th SHRP due to pandemic which was conducted on-line via ZOOM App resulted to a very successful activity & interaction among participants. Such an absolute proof that anything is possible in acquiring skills & learning.

The poster competition held last 27th of July. Two winners (3rd place), two winners (2nd place) and one in the 1st place.

The summer research program founder and director, Dean Tahani Alrahbeni has expressed her gratitude most of all to the chairman of the board of trustees Prof. Abdullah AlShammery for being forever supportive, his guidance, brilliant ideas and suggestions for the welfare of each participant and success of the program. Great gratitude was given to all 164 participants, IT team, course event, Ms. Marietta Sorbito, supervisors from REU faculty, judges, the respected co-speakers (Dr. Deema AlShammery, Dr. Omar Alkadhi, Dr. Nada Tashkandi). Looking forward to see each other again on the 6th Summer Health Research Program.


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