The respected Board of Trustees Chairman, Prof. Abdullah Al Shammery expressed his hearth-warming welcome to all the colleagues through his inspiring and complementing words.

Dr. Saleh Al Shamrani, the University President, followed to give his valuable message and some updates regarding University’s Achievements and Accomplishments. These cover the NCAAA accreditation of the institution from colleges to university and extension of its programs (dentistry and pharmacy) reaccreditation, completion of approved rules and regulations, policy and procedure documents, distance learning, starting of new programs, establishment of new deanships, summer semester, summer school research and the quality evaluation project of private universities and colleges in the kingdom by NCAAA.

After this, the Chairman of the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Center (QAAC), Prof. Mohammad Al Omari presented the NCAAA updated Rules and Regulations in which he discussed the eligibility requirements for institutional accreditation and program accreditation, the new accreditation forms and its implementation, the QA framework for institutional level and the completed QAAC tasks and lists of surveys and data collection forms. He also added the obstacles that may encounter during the process, the recommendations and key priorities for the coming academic year 2020-2021.

The update for Saudi Commission for Health Specialties Institute Accreditation Visit scheduled on the 1st of July was briefly imparted after by Dr. Mansour Assery, the University Vice-President. He was hopping for the full support and cooperation from everybody during the visit for its full success.

Subsequently, Dr. Sarah Mubaraki, the Dean of Admission and Registration tackled the progress of the admission where there is a huge improvement of the increase of the students. She said that this was because of the great efforts of her colleagues who were working with her in the preparation of everything especially the online system – the social media and website which are now more informative and advanced in connecting to the students.

Then, the new plan for the Graduation Virtual Ceremony was conveyed by the Dean of Students Affair, Dr. Sultan Bin Alrimal. He said that they have already prepared almost 80 percent of their recordings and other related tasks which are to be launched through YouTube platform in the next two weeks.

Dr. Tahani Rahbeni was also given the opportunity to give her short update of the Summer Research Program which was already changed its title to Condensed Summer Course (5 weeks) due to the pandemic situation Covid-19. She said it was fully booked and participated by students 20 universities inside the kingdom and 3 universities outside the kingdom which has resulted to exceed more than the number of the two previous years which only means that being in virtual gave the opportunity to attract others who are outside the kingdom.

Having finished all these presentations and updates, the open forum/discussion was opened to everybody. And only one has raised a question and was answered by the respected BOT Chairman, very well. And he also ended the symposium by his sincere and deep acknowledgement to everyone.


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