The University President, Dr. Saleh Al Shamrani started his message by a very heartwarming welcome to everyone and by acknowledging the deans of Admission and Registration for their great efforts in finalizing the second semester and the support as well of all the colleagues.

He also welcomed the new faculty joining the university named, Mr. Zeyad Saeed Omar Al Sowi, Mr. Ahmed Eissa Abdelsamie, Dr. Shaista Haleem Khan, Dr. Hina Kausher Parihar and Ms. Rehaz Mohammed.  In addition, he congratulated as well the two promoted colleagues to Assistant Professors who were, Dr. Nishath Sayed of OMFS Dentistry Department and Dr. Sarah Aburaisi of Prosthodontic Dentistry Department and all other colleagues who were in support. Then after, he announced the site visit of the personnel coming from the Ministry of Education for the two programs in a week which are the hospital and medical services program and computer science program which will be needing the valuable help of everybody.

Respected Board of Trustees Chairman, Prof. Abdullah Al Shammery expressed his brief but very complementing words of acknowledgement to all especially in the admission and registration department for the united hard works for the past semester as well as the present semester in which distant learning will continue.

Dr. Sarah Mubaraki, the Dean of Admission and Registration, gave a short updates of her department particularly the good number of admissions in different departments and the orientation given to them in using university’s electronic services like the e-gate and e-learning as well the importance of encoding the attendance and academic advisory. She also extended her deep appreciation of the excessive contribution of her whole team.

After these, the President gave the opportunity to the deans of each department who were Dr. Tahani Al Rahbeni, Dean College of Nursing, Dr. Mohammad Al Rafee, Dean, College of Dentistry, Dr. Hana Al Khabbas, Deans, College of Pharmacy, to Prof. Mohammed Al Omari, Quality Assurance Accreditation Center Chairman, to Dr. Raed Salma, Chairman, OMFS Dentistry, Dr. Waseem Radwan, Chairman Restorative Department, Dr. Lilibeth Gaffud, Director of Quality Assurance Internship Training Program, the new faculty joining who were mentioned earlier, Dr. Sultan Bin Alrimal, Dean of Students Affairs and few other colleagues and to share their eloquent insights, comments, updates and acknowledgments.

At the latter part, the BOT Chairman, he encouraged and reminded them to give time daily to improve his or her digital background in whatever device he or she is using in the electronic communication considering the present covid era. He also added some essential tips and advice in teaching the students distantly.


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